For Gracie

When I lived in North Carolina I had the privilege to babysit for this amazing all-American family. They have two gorgeous girls, Grace and Emily. It recently came to my attention via Facebook that Gracie is having trouble with some girls, at school I presume. I don't know the entire story, but I was 14 once. And I'm 19 now and the fairer sex has not really changed.

Lindsay Lohan starred in the epically mind-numbingly hilarious movie, Mean Girls. Director Tina Fey managed to send an anti-bullying message even while leaving me gasping for air through my giggles. I quote it incessantly, "why are you so obsessed with me?!"

Girls are mean. We honestly are. Our instinct is to put down the females around us in order to get a false sense of superiority. And since it's not true superiority, it is fleeting, thus the mean girls cycle is formed. We have an intense competitive nature to be the prettiest, smartest, best-all around. And when we feel that we fail at our goals, we automatically pounce on the invisible shortcomings of others to build ourselves up. 

Gracie is beautiful. I always had an amazing time babysitting her and her sister. They let me be immature and silly enough to partake in their games and I had a super fun sleepover with them last summer when I went to visit. They let me be little again and I can't thank them enough for that. I'm sad that Gracie has to grow up so abruptly because of thoughtless girls. But I have every confidence in her ability to rise above it. She has all the tools to set an example to others and not perpetuate the mean girls cycle. She has wonderful parents that can guide her through this, I have no doubt. But I just want Gracie to remember that, above all else, she is A Very loved Lucky Girl. 


  1. Taylor this is so beautiful...thanks ...I will make sure Gracie reads it...and FT you soon:)


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