Be Careful

Fair warning: this post could tip a bit to the overly religious side, so stop reading now if you aren't interested.

But now I probably made you curious right? Human nature is awesome like that.

During my Sunday School years of choir practice and the infamous Bible Buddies, I belted out the song:
"Oh be careful little eyes what you see
Oh be careful little eyes what you see
For the Father up above,
He is looking down in love
So, be careful little eyes what you see"
The song continues throughout four more verses, espousing the virtues of being careful about what you hear, do, go, and say. Recently, I've been overthinking that 3rd and 4th line. I don't doubt that God is looking down in love, but I doubt that's the sole reason to be cautious with my senses. People are people-watchers at heart.

I'm the first to admit to hypocrisy. It's not for lack of effort, but it's always easier to walk on the treadmill rather than run. I've been doing too much walking (still going with the metaphor here, I love my morning treadmill strolls). Jesus isn't as evident in my life as He deserves to be. I make mistakes and take the abundant grace for granted, similar to accepting a map when you're lost, but continuing to drive aimlessly. 

I need to enhance my character and take control of my senses. If my public actions don't echo that of Jesus, then I'm taking advantage of the sacrifice. If the world can't see Him in A Very Lucky Girl, then where will they find Him?


  1. are right, strolling is easier. I am often guilty of it. I am so thankful for His Grace-I see Him in your tender words to a daughter that is hurting. I see them in a girl that will spend time with girls half her age. Real time - not just lip service. It is true that people are watching. We should be always aware of how we are talking or what we are doing but we also need to give ourselves the same Grace, God has extended to us, when we fall on our face, or move away from Him. You are a child of the covenant Taylor, and you are making a difference over here in NC.


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