Under My Umbrella

I saw my wonderful RA/friend dance in her spring show last Thursday night. Savannah was perfect, of course, but my favorite part was the dance that the special needs group performed. I don't know any of them, but I almost cried anyways (that could be because I'm a total cry baby-shhh, although this shouldn't be a real surprise to anybody). They swayed along to a mix of Umbrella by Rihanna combined with Singing in the Rain, topped off with umbrellas as props. 

Sure, they weren't the most coordinated. Yeah, they were a little off beat. Okay, maybe they didn't move as a group. But they had the confidence to get up there in front of at least 150 people, which is more than I can say for myself. I prefer being an audience member--someone has to clap! They helped each other along, one girl poking another with her umbrella when she misstepped and guiding her to the correct place on stage. 

The real tearjerker was the moment Rihanna warbled about "you can stand under my umbrella" and one boy lifted his umbrella and invited the rest of the group under it to join him. They huddled close together and it was breathtaking. 

I think the whole theater shared an emotional moment and after we watched them show off, each in their own individual dance scheme, we rewarded them with a well-deserved standing ovation. I can't imagine the work they put into their steps, but the ultimate performance immensely blessed A Very Lucky Girl. 


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