It's the Final Countdown

Tried to turn it into a Pinterest Project to increase my interest
Hi my name is Taylor Arceneaux and I am the worst procrastinator in the entire world.

I honestly think that studying is the most boring task I have ever encountered. I truly fell asleep cuddled up with my geology study guide masterpiece twice in the past hour. 

work. of. art.

Things that I would rather do:

  1. Clean the room. Not just my side (which can't really get any cleaner), but even the roommate's side. Which is a scary tornado disaster zone.
  2. Count the popcorn kernels that didn't pop despite their thorough stay in the janky microwave. Last time there were 148. What even is that!?
  3. Gain weight (that one is actually a lie, I've lost 18 pounds since Novemberish and I wouldn't put them back on again for anything). So instead I would spend 7 hours on the treadmill.
  4. Cut pills. I did that the other night instead of working on sociology (not a druggie, it's necessary to halve pills for my Addison's dosage). 
  5. Go on another date with the guy that talks in consistent first person plural ("So how were OUR classes today? Did WE skip any? What are WE going to get to eat?"....Well sir, ME, MYSELF, AND I are outta here...) Super insanely annoying. Heads up guys, don't do that. Ever.
  6. Walk in on a strip Skype date. Unfortunately, this happened recently. It's too soon to talk about, but don't worry, you will eventually receive full disclosure of all gory details.
  7. Hit on the GDI ginger in my English class that never shuts up (if you follow me on Twitter you probably are privy to the judgemental tweets about his wardrobe choices on Tuesdays and Thursdays).
Definitely selling this to some poor unsuspecting freshman dumb enough to enroll in this class next year
Only a week and a half. I can do that, right? Current theme song of A Very Lucky Girl: (only replace "jump for hours" with study for hours, it's a little more appropriate. And instead of "i wanna", I have to. On second thought, the song doesn't really apply at all. I just wanted to explain away my shameful obsession with a Disney-esque boy band. Not happening.)


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