Alone With You

I like to fly solo. When I hang out by myself, I have a great time. I love my friends, truly, but there's something perfect about being alone. There are zero expectations. You can be as ridiculous as you want. Lately I've been thinking that I have found two different types of relationships in my friendships. There are the people that I have to make an effort to be around them. They aren't my first choice when I have some free time, they are the last resort (only being honest, not deliberately hateful). We just don't click in a way that makes time whip by. They tend to typically be more self-absorbed and don't respect my priorities. And then I have the friends that I could spend the rest of my life with (I think that's called marriage so I should probably look into that. Kidding: I like guys). I have been blessed with phenomenal companions. They make me laugh and they encourage me to make good decisions (but stay with me through the bad ones). They call me out when I'm being selfish. They are understanding. They let me be me. 
"I like being single. I am one of the few who like it. I want to marry a girl who, when I am with her, makes me feel alone."-Donald Miller (Blue Like Jazz)
 Miller is a complete genius. I underlined, highlighted, and even tabbed this page (it's 142, great chapter, go read it). Of course, I substituted some different nouns and pronouns and applied it to friendships instead. So I essentially butchered his entire sentence to fit it to my life (akin to inspirational mental plagiarism). But I adore his idea. I want to be around people that are a constant source of comfort. Wouldn't it be wonderful to spend your time with someone that just lets you be who you are? No games, no effort, just bliss. It takes work to get to that point in a relationship, but you'll know it's the real deal when it stops being a chore. I don't think all friendships can reach that level, but most have the potential. I love being around people that don't expect me to be anyone other than A Very Lucky Girl. 


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