When did my generation start to emulate MTV? Is it a phase that every one's goes through? It seems like just a few days ago I was marveling at the horrific decisions I heard whispered about in the hallowed high school hallways. When did they become a part of everyday life? 

Now, I have friends that think nothing of the drugs they are voluntarily attacking their body with. People are celebrating 4/20 so cavalierly. It's no longer a big deal to drink oneself into oblivion every weekend. Is it even going to be fun to drink when I'm 21? Is breaking the law part of the rush? My friends, myself, and acquaintances don't look ahead to how our choices in the present effect our lives in the future. We are babies ourselves, how can we be making choices that lead to children? 

We took a survey in my sociology class about our deviant behavior and criminal activity. A vast majority of us have skipped school more than once and nearly 90% drive over the speed limit on a regular basis. Surprisingly, only 58% drink alcohol (although nearly all of us are under 21) and 13% smoke marijuana. Our damage to public property was limited to throwing toilet paper into trees, clearly we were/are very mature. 

Drama has gone from who had the red crayon and wasn't sharing, to who had braces and who was lucky enough to have gotten theirs off in time for school pictures, now to who slept with whose boyfriend last weekend and now has an STD. Humanity is more than a feeling but we debase it by succumbing to what "feels good." 

My life got so grown-up overnight, it seems. But it's the wrong sort of grown-up. Here's to hoping I can navigate this phase successfully, and come out a true adult Very Lucky Girl on the other side. 


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