Valentine's Day

This is the first Valentine's day that I will participate in as part of a couple, but I have never actually loathed this day of expressing affection. Because I am always surrounded by people that I love and that love me, even when it's not a romantic sort of love. Even last year I let Ke$ha speak for me on Facebook and said "I'm in love, alright, with my crazy beautiful life." Her words are still true. Who can hate Valentine's day for the general message of love it sends to ALL? Plus, there's candy. 

So. much. candy. Others scoff at the chocolate roses and candy hearts appearing in Walmart aisles in mid-January, but I say WELCOME. BRING THE CANDY COMA ON.  I have a weakness for conversation hearts. However, the inscriptions have really gone to hell. luv me? marry me? yes? u rock? I feel like the chalky morsels are meant for illiterate married couples living in the 70s. 

A very happy heart day to you from A Very Lucky Girl. Please accept these virtual flowers, with my love. 

PS-For those that use this day to promote your freedom and independence...please wait until July 4th. 


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