During Sociology of Family on Tuesday afternoon I was informed by a tweet that I had been featured in a post by the Lost Ogle about "shallow Oklahomans" who complained when an Amber Alert was issued for missing Justice Poindexter in the middle of The Bachelor. First things first, I had no idea who this "lost ogle" guy was. And for those of you that also suffer from lazy-link syndrome (AKA hating to click other links in the middle of already reading something), I've included a screen shot of my shame. The rest of his post included several other people mourning the missed audio on Sean Lowe breaking up with bat-$#!t crazy Tierra, but @AVeryLuckyGirl was unlucky numero uno. 
Granted, it was a severely insensitive tweet that I sent in the heat of the moment, distressed about missing the grand exit of Tierra's eyebrow. But, here is my defense. A) If you took the time to read the Lost Ogle's introduction to the post of mortification, you saw that the child in question was taken from Bixby, Oklahoma. I was watching The Bachelor in Norman, Oklahoma, a distance of approximately 130 miles as you can see from the map provided. B) I regularly recap The Bachelor and feature it in my blog, so it is important that I catch the conversations so I can report and satirize the cray. Which brings me to C) I am a sarcastic person. My tweet does not embody how I feel about missing children. Of course it is a devastating occurrence, and I am just as happy as the next person that Justice got to go home on Monday night. It just would have been extra nice if he could have gone home AND I could have heard the conversation between Sean and Tierra. 
All that being said, A Very Lucky Girl has been sufficiently reprimanded. Thank you, Lost Ogle, for pointing out my imperfections. 


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