Bachelor Recap: Sean Tells Nothing

Seriously, I watched the "Sean Tells All" episode special and barely learned a single thing that I didn't already know. The one hour episode was hardly worth a recap. The only new pieces of information were:

  • Sean and Selma decided to butterfly and eskimo kiss in order to circumvent her Muslim standards
  • Des' brother is related to Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde and has a tumultuous past
  • Sean and Lesley eat brownies more awkwardly than I've ever witnessed those delicacies being consumed
  • Sean really was just as oblivious to the tierrable Tierra drama that ABC edited him to be.
There. If you missed it, you are now all caught up. From what I've gathered through ABC production tweets, viewership has drastically risen with Sean as bachelor. Adding this "Sean Tells All" special was just another chance to keep ratings up and to help A Very Lucky Girl procrastinate her french composition. 


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