Fleeting Idea

Vlogging. I thought about doing one, just one, for 1.37 seconds during a run the other day. And then I almost immediately decided against it for several reasons.

  1. Because I am not tech savvy enough to edit any attempts I would make at a video, I would have to make a flawless recording. 
  2. Writing a blog post is a fairly private activity, as is reading one. Talking or listening to something out loud seems to ruin the sanctity of words sometimes. I personally love to read other blogs when I should be doing something else. Like napping or listening to what Dr. Lee is droning on about.
  3. Jenna Marbles has the monopoly on vlogging and I could never measure up. She is the video blog goddess. 
I hope you weren't hoping for a vlog. Because A Very Lucky Girl is not the least bit interested.


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