My 20 Year Long Relationship

On my bed you can find several practical blankets, 3 pillows (one for sleeping on, the others as barriers to any monsters lurking in the closet), aaaaand one, rather old, childhood "blankie".

Yep, I've slept with my baby blanket for 20 years and counting. I feel like the fact that it isn't a stuffed animal makes it almost acceptable. It's just something to keep me warm! If you ignore the fact that it would only cover my torso if I used it as it was intended... 
Instead I ball it up and hold it close to me as I sleep. 

I'm not entirely positive on why I have this attachment to a childhood relic. But it's been a constant through all 5 states, changing relationships, crying jags, bookworm nights, poor-decision hangovers, and Addison's-induced puking (it has been washed I swear!). It's like having a non-interactive pet/baby that requires zero responsibility from me. 

I don't know when I'm going to evict my cuddle buddy from the typical sleeping arrangement. Thinking about it gives me little tremors of separation anxiety. Sharbear recently commented on my non-age-appropriate tendency, "I suggest you stop sleeping with your blankie when you start sleeping with a real person."

That being said...A Very Lucky Girl isn't likely to get married anytime in the near future!!


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