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Today marks month NINE that I've been dating Tyler. So, in honor of such an auspicious occasion, I've compiled the top 9 funniest things he's ever said. Humor is a major cornerstone of any relationship that I have and I'm so glad he can put up with it when I make fun of him every now and then. And all times in between.

it's not batman but...
this...is tolerance of his immature girlfriend
God, Karen, you're so stupid
  1. When working on French homework the sentence began with "je parti." Tyler helpfully mused, "So, I partied..." Brb dying. Parti is a conjugated form of the verb "partir" which means 'to leave'.
  2. We made cupcakes (Valentine ones to be exact) on Sunday night. When I was over at his house on Monday I searched for them so I could devour a delectable heart-shaped delicacy, "I need a cupcake." "OH, they're in the refrigerator!" *strange look* "Was I not supposed to do that...?" Boys are so weird.
  3. A few date nights ago we were discussing movies and which ones we hadn't watched together that we probably should. Tyler decided to settle matters by stating "Can you put together a list of movies that you would want to watch on Thanksgiving?" Oh dear. Planning FAR ahead, aren't we? (I'm 99% sure he meant Valentine's Day).
  4. During a recent Life Church sermon Craig Groeschel referenced the well-known character Darth Vader from Star Wars. Tyler leaned over and asked, "Do you know who Darth Vader is?" I looked at him, incredulous. WHO DOES HE THINK THAT I AM!?! Not only do I recognize Darth Vader as a star in the series, but I ALSO can name Yoda, Princess Leia, Luke Skywalker, R2D2, C3PO, AND Aaron Samuels, who we all know looks sexy with his hair pushed back. 
  5. When commenting on how much time I was spending secluded from the rest of the world, he noted, "you're kind of a hobbit!" Oh, so I'm 3 feet tall with hairy toes? THANKS SO MUCH BOYFRIEND. Don't you hate it when you get hermit and hobbit mixed up?
  6. One of my personal favorite Tyler-isms occurred when he leaned over to kiss me one night. He urged me to "bring it in," instantly throwing me off as we are NOT part of a basketball team huddle.
  7. "There's a 50% chance that it's already raining." A boy that not only watches Mean Girls with you, but also brings key quotes into everyday conversation, is a boy that I need in my life. (See the above middle picture for the full effect of his declaration).
  8. As he was leaving his house to drive me back to the dorms (shoutout to McKee for driving my carless ass around), I think he was trying to reach for his keys, but his feather duster was hanging on the next hook. His OCD cleaning nature subconsciously grasped the duster and I tried to stifle my giggles.
  9. "I've never had Girl Scout cookies." This statement is more sad than amusing, I know. But the shock factor of my face had to be priceless. "Who IS he?" I thought in true Elyse Myers, Bachelor Ben's season fashion. BUT not to worry, concerned reader, he is trying Thin Mints, Samoas, and Tagalongs this very day. 

Clearly, Tyler is chock full of laughs. They aren't all ON purpose, but every instance has a purpose for which I'm grateful: bringing a smile to A Very Lucky Girl's face for 9 whole months.


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