Nothing Much Has Changed

I mentioned before that I deep-cleaned and organized my room over Christmas break. Whilst going through my bookshelf I discovered a composition book that I wrote in for Mrs. Purvis' 5th grade Language Arts class at St. Timothy's-Hale school (prior to it's St.David's name change) in Raleigh, North Carolina.
August 21, 2002
 So far it has been okay but I don't understand math much and I'm really upset about it. Everything else has gone okay though.
This year I want to make all As and understand math really well and I don't want to be late for a class and I want to remember bring my homework home, do it, and then bring it back to school the next day. 
5th grade was considered middle school at St. Timothy's Hale so I was extra nervous for my first year on the big campus. I still don't understand math but I have learned when run-on sentences are appropriate. The answer is rarely. 
September 9, 2002
This is what I have to be thankful for: candy, Jesus, T.V., books, friends, parents, grandparents, brother, school, summer, Christmas, Easter, my birthday, gifts, toys, clothes, house, ice cream
Candy and ice cream began my list, with Jesus as a close second to candy. He missed the slot of honor by a smidge. How fitting. I was apparently a big fan of the gift-receiving holidays.  
I am so glad that I get to experience life after 5th grade. There are so many more joys and disappointments to learn from, and blessings to be thankful for. If nothing else, A Very Lucky Girl can now demonstrate better grammatical abilities.  


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