Bachelor Recap Week Five: Sorta

Confession: I watched approximately 11 minutes of the episode that ABC aired last night. But I bet I can tell you almost exactly what happened:

  1. Tierra was probably just as tierra-ble as expected. Her right eyebrow no doubt did some leaping work. 
  2. Someone probably complained about the drama and how much they hate it because they "are so not a drama person." This same person probably thrives on all things dramatic.
  3. Des drank goat's milk. That's the part I saw.
  4. Everyone wore plaid. A lot.
  5. Sean stuck his tongue down several different throats.
There you have it. Everything you did (and didn't) want to know about their trek to Montana. I may or may not catch tonight's episode. If that upsets you please refer to this

But in the meantime:
"Who am I, Sovereign Lord, and what is my family, that you have brought me this far?"-2 Samuel 7:18
A Very Lucky Girl has a lot of questions these days. 


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