21 Reasons For Hannah to Sparkle on her 21st Birthday

we're the cobras



hi, i model on the streets of the Bronx on a daily basis

sleepy angel

I also model in tumbleweeds

singing Miranda Cosgrove obvi

  1. She sends snapchats in the dark
  2. She loves bacon as much as me
  3. She used a Friends youtube clip to tell us she got a tattoo
  4. We both drive our mom's Priuses when we are home from college
  5. Snowcones
  6.  Friends is the greatest show to ever happen to us. Or to anyone for that matter.
  7. Asp
  8.  She has introduced me to several excellent music artists
  9.  I spent a wonderful spring break with her and Megan last year
  10. Miranda Cosgrove 
  11. Geezus encourages extra sparkle
  12. She loves cowboy boots
  13.  Little kid days are still going to happen. Just with the addition of legally bought Smirnoff.
  14. She’s my lobster
  15.  The summer of the alphabet turned into the years of the alphabet and I love getting texts with a random letter at 3 AM
  16. We survived Philbrick’s leadership class
  17. BAM
  18. I was the best addition to her 7th grade peer group
  19. Her favorite Jamba Juice drink is from the secret menu and is entitled “The Screaming Orgasm”
  20. She loves cat facts
  21. The twenty-first reason that Hannah Rose Whorton should have a wonderful 21st birthday is because she is such an amazing friend to everyone she knows, both in Oklahoma AND exotic New York City. I am proud of her for always excelling in what she endeavors to do and I absolutely love her. Knowing her for the last 3-4 years has made me A Very Lucky Girl. 


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