Two Plus Two Make Five...Right?

Have I mentioned before that my math skills are sadly lacking? I am trying to take College Algebra at Oklahoma City Community College this summer. Key word being "trying." You see, when I took the math placement test at OU I only received a high enough score for remedial math. Which means that I would have to pay to take two insignificant classes that I would not receive credit for before I could attend the actual class that would count towards my degree. Incredibly frustrated, I assumed OCCC wouldn't subject me to a placement test. But since my SAT scores are so out of date (Never thought I would say that...I feel extra old), I was ushered into a torture chamber, also known as a testing room, and handed one of my least favorite technological devices: the calculator. I struggled through the questions and ended up with the same results I had at OU. 

Unlike at OU, I have the opportunity to take the test again on Tuesday. So I've been trying to study. But since our Internet has been out recently I went into severe blogging withdrawal. For some reason I wasn't too disappointed about the effect that lack of Internet had on my math resources...

My brain rejects logic. Always has. I'd rather daydream than decipher fractions. But A Very Lucky Girl currently finds herself watching YouTube videos about exponents and functions....


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