Memorial Day

Americans will take any holiday and turn it into a drinking fest. Even ones that aren't ours. Exhibit A: Cinco de Mayo. And during the summer Memorial Day, Flag Day, The Fourth of July, Canada Day, etc become another day on the calendar to mark with a beer, a tan, and some Zac Brown Band while the stars and stripes fly subtly in the background. 

I had to work from 4 to close at Jamba to celebrate the day (somehow people don't think "hell yeah Amurrikahh, let's grab a Strawberries Wild!") and was frustrated about it. But then I thought about what I was really sacrificing. Maybe some pool time, nap time, or blogging time. But that is a ludicrous comparison when contrasted to what the men and women honored on this day sacrificed. I could surely blend smoothies for 5 hours without complaint. 

I entertained the idea of being in the Air Force ROTC program at Tulane or TCU during my senior year of high school. I decided on Air Force because planes are the coolest. Flight attendant is still up there on the career list. I did not have a passion for the plan, it was merely convenient because I'm poor and wanted to go to expensive schools. I was only after the scholarship. When my athletic performance was not up to par to merit enough dollars, I dropped the idea. I wanted to serve because of what America could offer me, not what I could offer America. Which is why I so admire those in the military that serve to protect, not for the pennies. 

Thankful for the people in uniform that protect A Very Lucky Girl and the people and ideals that I treasure. 


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