Sun Stand Still

On Saturday I turned the last page of "Sun Stand Still", written by Steven Furtick, pastor of Elevation Church in North Carolina (one of my favorite places in the world). The basic premise is a call to demand the impossible from a God that is capable of anything. Which is so much easier said than done. My impossible right now? I'm desperately trying to earn a B in Geology. Is it selfish to ask for divine intervention? Because it looks like I can't do it on my own rock trivia alone. 
Furtick challenges readers to have the audacity to ask God to reveal his glory, no matter what. 
"he's ready to act if we will be bold enough to ask, not just for a good day or a better life, but for the impossible"-Steven Furtick
I remember during my elementary school years, and even into middle school, praying in the carpool line with Shari and Oakes before school. Shari kept her eyes open of course, safety first!, but I would scrunch my eyes closed tight and clasp my hands together (only peeking to admire my newly applied, oh-so-grown-up nail polish) and proceed to plead for a "good day." At the time a good day would include acing an algebra test (I'd consider that a good day now also), receiving a check yes or no note from the star JV football player at break (never happened, still heartbroken obviously), and hitting all my required times in cross country practice that afternoon. 

I never thought about how my plans for a good day could affect anyone else's. Someone else could have needed the grade in algebra class or the words of admiration from all-star athlete more than me. It's time to start sacrificing my good day wishes in order to make good days happen for others. How could I possibly lose? Upping someone else's day can only make the existence of A Very Lucky Girl that much happier. 


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