Keep on Dreaming

Have you ever noticed that nothing seems impossible after a certain time? When the clock strikes 11 or 12, when the sun is long past down, dreams seem even more attainable than usual. 

Maybe that's why most dumb actions happen under the cover of night. Those dim stars inflict a false sense of invincibility and all risk evaporates.
When I'm laying in bed at night trying to turn my mind off, chasing those elusive sheep, I become suddenly daring. I promise myself that I'll speak my mind to the rude girl down the hall or tackle that overpowering assignment or even bungee jump sometime (oh that's just me? Cool). What's the worst that could happen? Because I'm safely tucked under the covers with extra pillows barring against all extraneous danger, nothing. But when the sun comes up all of my bravado disappears. 

One day I'll grow a pair and be the same person I am at night in the cocoon of my bed (that sounded way more scandalous than originally intended) that I am when I'm forced to face my dreams in blistering sunlight. Maybe. Probably not anytime soon because, honestly, I'm a timid Very Lucky Girl.


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