A Tes Souhaits

One of the best feelings is being conscious of sun rays on my back as I lay outside soaking up every golden beam. Until my body is wracked by a series of violent sneezes. I am allergic to spring. 
I managed to hold out on medicine until 2 weeks ago. I sat outside Gittinger (mistake number one) waiting for my English class to start, alternatively sneezing and sniffling and dripping. I was miserable and desperately texted Shari, hoping for a miracle remedy. She recommended Claritin so on that Sunday morning I wrangled a ride from Megan in her Jeep Wrangler (not ashamed of my word choice) to Walgreens. Strolling the aisles, I bypassed Claritin immediately. That is some expensive $&!#. Instead, I shelled out about eleven dollars for twenty tiny white tablets and crossed my fingers that janky drugs would do the trick. 

It worked really well! For about a day. Sunday night I had some incredibly strange dreams, but that's not really unusual. But Monday night, the second my head hit the pillow, my nose became utterly useless. It's only current purpose is aesthetics (only not really, because I'm sunburned), it refuses to allow oxygen into my body, no matter how many tissues I sacrifice to its ailment. 

Shari suggested a druggie delight combo of Sudafed and Claritin for the remainder of this god-awful pollen infested season (fun fact: Sudafed started being utilized in meth labs, which is why it is now behind in the counter in the pharmacy) so I aim to give that a shot tonight. 

I'm wishing on all of the stars and every 11:11 for a rejuvenated sinus system. I'm really tired of punctuating every sentence with a sneeze. And my Kleenex supply isn't unlimited. But, as always, I'm still a Very Lucky (though stopped up) Girl. 


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