High School Diva

I never fail to blush furiously when I reread my old journals. There are pros and cons to keeping track of my life events since the 6th grade. And a pro is seeing the growing up process and discovering 8 specific things I'm SO glad I have left in the past:
  1. 2007-"...he said I was smart, funny, clever, and beautiful. And made him feel like he could be himself. How does he always know what to say?" I outgrew the terrible trait of fishing for compliments by asking that awfully annoying question, "but, like, why do you like me?" of guys I talked to, and actually believing their answer.
    1. Side note: Tyler tried to tell me I didn't need to fish for compliments, and without reading what this unnamed previous guy had said, began to tell me, "you're smart and funny..." Oh. Well, that's familiar.
  2. 2008-"I also wrote a sonnet about NH." I haven't written a sonnet since. To be fair, it was an assignment for a class, but the subject matter was entirely original. 
  3. 2007-"i drove home from school today. Mom would not let me go the speed limit though. She, like, freaks." Nowadays, on the rare occasions that I get behind a wheel, I get to decide which speed I'd like to linger on. 
  4. 2008-"Before I hung up he was like, Taylor, will you marry me? And i said absolutely." I no longer accept marriage proposals via phone call. 
  5. I also stopped the cliche act of writing my name in perfect cursive with the last name of a particular boy. 
  6. I quit copying "special" text messages down word for word, including phrases like "u r." 
  7. "He hasn't talked to me in 24 hours!" It's healthy that people have lives outside of each other and I no longer overthink or analyze relationships when there are several hours without communication.
  8. "I just don't understand. It's just lips mashing together. What's so great about that?" This ignorant statement was prior to my first kiss and I DEFINITELY don't still hold this mistaken opinion. 
I'm nowhere near close to full maturity, so I can only assume that I will look back at my current journal in a few years and SMH at A Very Lucky Girl.


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