Color Running

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I spent my Saturday morning running in the happiest 5k on the planet. And I don't mean that oxymoronicly. I ran in the Tulsa Color Run last year in June and nothing could stop me from this repeat event, not even a late night work shift and a mere hour of sleep. More on that later.

Last summer Megan and I traversed the short miles between OKC and Tulsa to partake in this glorious event. The heat was intense and the colors melted together to produce a nice muddy tinge, but we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. However, the extreme heat and my lack of hydration resulted in a slight hiccup on our way out of Tulsa. Dizzy and nauseous, I commanded Megan to stop at a street corner, vaulted out of her Jeep, and promptly puked in a car lot.

Wary of last year's disaster, I prepped with sips on sips of water on Friday evening. I worked at Fuzzy's from 5 until about 3 AM and then instantly left for Tulsa with Tyler. I volunteered to drive since I was all amped up from dealing with drunkards, a decision that I started to regret about halfway there. We made it to Megan's hotel around 5ish and fell into a pallet she'd prepared on the floor where we commenced shivering until it was time to get ready for the race.
For me, getting ready meant donning temporary tattoos, a fanny pack, and brightly colored socks.

But finally we arrived at Veterans Park amidst the thousands of other people in all white. Let me caution you by saying that The Color Run is not for the dedicated, time-conscientious runner. All participants are commanded to walk on the right and run on the left, but even so the left lane is littered with toddlers, moms with strollers, and directionally challenged walkers. Dodging people is a number one priority. 
Several color stations later, we arrived at the finish line, significantly colorified. 
What is it about getting colored powder thrown at you that is so attractive to us color runners?
It really is puzzling. But to me, it's the unusual, the freedom to get dirty and look different for the rest of the day. 

Join A Very Lucky Girl in OCTOBER for the most colorful 5k of your life. Warning: side effects of color running may include blue boogers and stubborn temporary tattoos. 


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