April Experiment in Happiness

Lo and behold, April has brought some smiles to my face this year. Let me count the ways.

Strawberry Surfriders from Jamba Juice.
Good tippers and their good tips.
Falling into bed after an 11 hour late night shift.
Cry Baby snowcones with extra sour.
Songs on repeat.
Egg white omelets with bacon.
Encouraging emails from MapMyRun
Laughing with my dad
Checking things off of my task app
Writing without abandon
Group texts
Beating a new level on Candy Crush.
Running in the rain.
Effortlessly excellent hair days.
The post-Easter Peep sale.
Wedges (pizza and shoes).

But the number one joy-inducer for A Very Lucky Girl this month is the dwindling of the day count to summer. It's so close, I can taste it. And it tastes like snowcones and sleep.


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