That Time I Put My Number On Twitter

I have a giant girl crush on Cady Groves. Her voice, her personality, and her attractiveness are all 10s. I've followed her on Twitter since I created an account almost 2 years ago and every so often I'll send out a fruitless tweet just to let her know that I am one of her thousands of fans. She's never replied or acknowledged my fandom...until a few days ago.
I was sitting outside of Starbucks, waiting for my friend to arrive, and scrolling aimlessly through my Twitter timeline. Kim K tweeted about pregnancy cravings, Amanda Bynes said something completely nonsensical, and I realized I'd been following Paris Hilton for almost 2 years. I immediately had feelings of self-loathing and rectified that little issue before thinking I hadn't tweeted Cady in a while.
So I sent out a little call me maybe tweet. In the literal sense.
"@cadygroves call me maybe? [insert actual number here] #please"
Seconds later, I received a mention from Cady Groves. I'm not exaggerating when I say that my whole body was frozen while I gaped at her retweet "...okay!" I stared at my phone, not trusting the words. But then I started getting phone calls.
Not. From. Cady.
One caller didn't say a thing and the line was disconnected. Another male voice harshly asked "has she called you? She needs to call me!" Sir, get off the line so that my idol can call me kaythanksbai!
I received a text reading "who is this?" from a strange number. I'm not sure Austin (figured his name out later) quite understood how texts work. YOU texted ME; therefore who are YOU?
Another texter introduced herself by her Twitter name and expressed that she hoped Cady would call me because I deserved it and that I shouldn't lose hope in that promised phone call and oh hey would I please give her Cady's number after she called me? Girl, you cray. Miss Groves isn't dumb; she'd absolutely *67 that dial!
I continue to fangirl over the fact that Cady even saw my tweet and acknowledged my existence for the 3.7 seconds that it took to retweet it. A Very Lucky Girl is still waiting by the phone for that phone call...but, regardless, I'm fairly sure that our brief Twitter interaction already labels us biffles.


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