Words: or that time I read a card so many times that I memorized it.

Late Saturday night or early Sunday morning, depending on your individual bed time, I came home to an envelope on my desk. Sharbear had sent me a letter. I opened it to find an adorable card that I really couldn't see very well through my tears, but that I later verified the cuteness factor of. 
I'm still not sure if the water in my eyes should have been blamed on a few cocktails or the fact that I'm a big baby.

Life is hard
crazy, mixed-up,
messed up.
And there you are,
in the middle of it all,
just doing your thing...
being strong and
brave and
like it's
no big deal.
But let me tell you, girl,
it is.
Not everyone can do
what you can do.
Not everyone can handle
things the way you can.
While you wonder sometimes
if you're doing ok...
the rest of us are just
watching in

Welp, the mystery of cocktail or baby has been solved. Due to the current blurryness of my vision, I am a giant infant. I took a large pile of dorm decor and winter clothing home over the weekend, so that one card is going to be one of the sole remaining encouraging remnants in my room for finals. A Very Lucky Girl has a good mother, who sees something in me that I really don't see in myself. 


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