The Year of the '92 Baby

I'm just over here counting down the days. 84 to go. 
There are so many that have paved the way before me, and I'm happy for them, really, I am. 
But I can't help those pangs of jealousy as I see their celebrations occur month by month. 
That ever-longed for 21st birthday is in the cards in the year 2013 for any child that was born in 1992.
It's our time.
It's almost embarrassing how excited I am for this milestone in my life. No more asking older friends to make trips to the liquor store for me (wait, what?) or staring longingly at the drink menu in an establishment. I can grab life, and drink menus, with both hands on July 1. 
I am proud to say that I never caved to the attraction of a fake ID. I would feel cheated out of my 21st to only switch ID's in a bar. 
January, February, March, it July yet? I'm really pining over here.
Megan's already told me she has set up a secret Pinterest board to aid her in celebration planning and if anyone can tell me why she is collecting bottle caps that would be a huge help. 
One thing is already certain, you can bet your butt A Very Lucky Girl will be wearing a tiara for the occassion. 


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