A Very Broken Girl

Anyone who has seen me since Thursday night probably surmised that I've been celebrating 4/20 a week early this year. Not true. (I don't plan on celebrating it at all).
It's been a miserable few days. It's hard to admit and see in myself that I'm lacking something when it comes to relationships. I'm better and quicker at scathing remarks than words and actions that build a person up. 
It's a trend that could stem from any number of things from my past, but it's a trend I want to stop. 
Self-help books aren't my favorite genre. I prefer a gripping novel, but I went on Amazon today and bought myself the first book that looked like it could help fix me. 
So this is me right now ^^^
I don't want to waste anymore time being this unattached person because it's ruining relationships that I treasure. I'm anxiously awaiting the delivery of Loving People: How to Love and Be Loved by Dr. John Townsend. I'm hoping it will be the best $7.66 I've ever spent. In the meantime, I'm putting the words of one of the best self-help books in the world in practice. 
Week One: Love is patient (1 Corinthians 13:4). I'm thinking I'll get a lot of practice tonight at work from 5 to 3 AM. I want to be a better Very Lucky Girl. 


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