A Very Broken Girl: Week Two

I don't know that I'm any less broken, but I am lightyears happier than I was at this time last week.
I've been attempting to practice love as patience this week.
I've never been the most patient person. I like things to happen in MY timing and MY schedule.
Recently, part of patience to me is being mentally present when I'm around my friends and family. I've been practicing putting my phone on complete silent mode and letting social media revolve without me for a few hours at a time.
It honestly comes down to Friends With Faces First sometimes. Doesn't mean that I ignore my longer-distance friends, but I also don't put them ahead of my more spatially accessible loved ones.

I had a moment of shame this week. I really did not feel like being kind to one of my friends. I didn't feel like expressing my compassion and I tried to defend that feeling by thinking to myself, "NEXT week is love is kind."
But that is the sort of thinking that I don't want to have anymore.

I got my new book in the mail and am on page 10. With finals coming up I might not forge through it quickly, but I'd rather take my time learning how to love and be loved so that I finally get it right.

If you see me this week (or at any other time in the rest of my life) I hope you can say that A Very Lucky Girl was kind, with a little bit of patience thrown in for old times sake.
This is the third temporary tattoo on my body right now thanks to the Color Run


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