A Very Broken Girl: Week Three

I'm on page 27 of Dr. Townsend's book. It's not exactly a light read. He talked about mirror neurons on page 26 and I admittedly skimmed until I started seeing non-scientific words again. He noted that "learning about love can't be done out of the context of relationship" which I thought was enlightening. Especially since I originally planned to teach myself how to love by myself. But he defines love as bending "our heart, mind, and energies toward the betterment of someone else."
I tried to practice patience and kindness this week so that the people I'm around feel loved.  
And this week I add the third quality, "it [love] does not envy."
I remember when Megan received her Jeep last year. I was so envious. I've never really had a car to call my own EVER and here she was getting her brand spankin' new dream car when her old car still got her from Point A to Point B. I was SO jealous. I wasn't as happy as I could have been for her because I let my envy get in the way of the celebration I should have been feeling for my friend. I later apologized to her, but the incident has always been a reminder to me that love doesn't envy the high moments in another's life for two reasons: 
  1. I don't always know the lows that have brought them to this high
  2. I have my own highs that others might not get
Comparison is a detriment to love. And I'm hoping it's a habit that A Very Lucky Girl can kick. So if you see or talk to me this week, tell me the joyous reasons behind your smile! I want to celebrate with you. 


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