I wouldn't call myself a skeptic exactly when it comes to the power of God. I don't doubt that it exists, but I do doubt that His power works in MY life, personally. I'm so insignificant in this universe of billions of people. 
But it's hard to not be in awe of some mind-blowing coincidences that occurred two weekends ago. 
That Thursday night was hard and I found solace in James 1:2-4, a verse that proclaims that "perseverance finish its work so that you may be MATURE and COMPLETE, not lacking ANYTHING." 
Tyler and I met to talk on the Friday night (I definitely ended up using 3 sturdy napkins to mop up my tears) and he shared with me that he had watched a Life Church sermon that morning. A sermon that focused specifically on James 1:2 and the concept that "sometimes it takes what no one wanted to bring what everyone needed." 
I sat there, stunned that out of the 10, 563 verses in the Bible, we both found separate comfort in the same one. 
But the weird coincidences didn't stop there.
I met with him again on that Sunday night because I'm a girl and all we want to do is talk about everything. He and I talked for almost three hours and over the course of our discussion he mentioned that he had been listening to a certain song for the whole day. He told me it was called "Nothing is Wasted." 
I literally looked at him and said "no. shut up! are you serious right now?"
Because I had been clinging to a song that very day also called "Nothing is Wasted." There are actually two songs with that title, both by different Christian artists, but the theme is similar. 
A Very Lucky Girl is a realist, but with instances like these it's hard to doubt that Someone is orchestrating my life sometimes. 


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