Survivor: iPhone 4 Edition

My phone is a trooper. I have never fatally destroyed a phone in my career in the cell world and the only reason is because this one must have 9 lives. I'm anxious that it is currently on life 8. I received the iPhone 4 probably July of 2010 before I headed off to TCU. 2 weeks later, before investing in a case, a tragedy occurred at McAlisters. I was throwing my trash away like a diligent patron and somehow my phone slipped out of my fist, crashing into the tile floor. I cringed and gingerly picked it up, relieved to see that the face was unscathed. The back? Not so much. Cracks zigzagged across the back, the splintered glass fragments splitting reflections. I bought a case in the next hour. 

Who knows what this phone endured at TCU. I can't imagine I was very gentle with it, but it's adventures remain a mystery. 2011 came around and phone left Jamba Juice and waitressing shifts none the worse for wear. Fast forward to OU and phone's luck started to change. Walking down the South Oval, I called Megan to exchange weekend tales one afternoon. A wayward biker broke from the bike lane and headed directly toward me. In my astonishment and panic, my grip slipped and phone fell to the concrete. The zigzag cracks on the back got worse, but phone still worked. 

In April I really mistreated the phone. One Friday night I tripped and fell, using my hands to break my fall so that I wouldn't break my face. I forgot phone was in my hands and broke the face of that instead. It's only a minor crack, nothing that hinders functionality. I partially blame the really cute but ill fitting Kate Spade case that Santa brought me for Christmas. Miss Spade was a few centimeters off in her measurements of the iPhone 4. 

Changing out cases in May I noticed a chunk of phone missing from the back. I don't know where it went. But after a week of babysitting the kids, and seeing how they manhandle technology, I knew phone wouldn't make it through the summer without drastic protection. 

So I purchased the Survivor. This case is military tested, including resiliency against a 6 foot drop onto concrete, a sand/duststorm, and water resistant to a point. It's like the Incredible Hulk is hugging my phone on a regular basis. I'm due for an upgrade soon so I just need phone to hang in there for a month or two more so I can stay a Very connected Lucky Girl. 


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