Do You Dare?

Did you know that guys in the early 1900's were scared to talk to girls? T.S. Eliot even elaborated on this lack of confidence in a poem titled "The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock." He drones on and on, self deprecating with every syllable. He is searching for love but is convinced that women don't want him. He is having a middle age crisis. An identity crisis-but instead of focusing on who he is, he focuses on how out of his league these women are. Maybe he needs to adjust his standards? But my main problem with his mental block comes from his negativity, "Do I dare? how should I presume?...And how should I begin?..."

He seems to be saying, who am I that this girl would say yes to me? Well, who are you that she would say no? You gain nothing by hiding from risky opportunities, but you could miss out on an inexpressible experience. There's no guarantee that life is going to give you roses in exchange for putting yourself out there in an uncomfortable situation, but even thorns are invaluable. The greatest things in life aren't nearly as great when they aren't preceded by sucky times. Without the failed TCU experiment I wouldn't adore my OU education. Without fighting with my parents I wouldn't appreciate the relationship we have now. Without sharing a car with Oakes forever and ever I wouldn't value my own vehicle (oh wait...I'm not there yet...). You get the picture. 

So take this dare from A Very Lucky Girl. The worst that could happen? The best could be right around the corner. 


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