Adventures in Nannying: Part Three

Week three is complete. Only 2 more weeks left until my entire week off. I'm a little bit excited about 7 whole days dedicated to just being 20. Because I've figured out that the trick to making nannying enjoyable for everyone is to act their age--to a point. If I put myself into a 9 year old mindset (the mean of their ages), then I don't mind playing play dough nearly as much. 

On Monday I took the kids to Frontier City. This was my first time there. I suggest a motion to rename it Jank City. Every single ride creaked. The very first one was a Splash Mountain wannabe, where you rode in a rickety log flume around a riveting creek until plunging over a drop. I clutched the handle bars  until my knuckles turned white and gritted my teeth as the less-than-stable log made its agonizing ascent to the top of the drop. I used to love roller coasters! And I think I still do...I just have an aversion to the ones that aren't reassuringly, positively safe. I couldn't stop the sick feeling in my stomach or the headache streaking brutally across my forehead. The worst part was when the kids wanted to discuss the ride, in the MIDST of the ride. I was in the middle of mentally confessing all of my sins in case I was seconds away from meeting my Maker and Sister was talking my ear off. Not the way I envision my eventual demise. 

We stayed around the house for the remainder of the week, spending our mornings cuddling in front of Star Wars movies (Sister is really heavy and has worn the same pajamas every night for the past 3 days) and discussing the dark side. Sister also wanted Wheat Thins for breakfast yesterday. I vetoed, she got an attitude. She ate chocolate pancakes with chocolate chips and syrup instead...I think she got a more than fair trade-off. We played in the pool, trading in Barnacles for Marco Polo and a categories game that involves me throwing the kids around (definite arm workout). We trekked to the creek twice, taking a picnic lunch the second time. 

Whenever I start to dislike the job, the kids either say something hilarious or cute that makes me like them again. They've told me stories about their previous babysitter and this week blessed me with the compliment that they like me "because you engage with us." Engaging is hard work, but A Very Lucky Girl can do anything for 5 more weeks. 


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