Adventures in Nannying: Part Four

I have not been in the mood for immature shenanigans this week. I think lack of sleep is catching up with me and breeding irritability. Unfortunately, the kids are up and at 'em within minutes of my arrival at 7:45 AM every morning. I creep into the house and shut the front door as quickly as possible, removing my shoes, and whispering to talk to their mother, hoping to catch a few more childless seconds. Twice this week she assured me that they had stayed up late and would more than likely sleep in. Both times one or the other kid woke up within 3 minutes of being issued this statement. 

On one of these mornings Brother quickly realized that I wasn't going to be engaging in any sort of activity before 9 AM (I cuddle up on their giant bean bag as soon as I arrive and definitely plan on investing in something of the sort when I move out of the dorms) and resigned himself to some Wii time. He tried to play a Hot Wheels racing game and the disc wouldn't read. He brought it over to me, "Can I put water on this?" NO. "Why won't it work?!" Oh I don't know, maybe because the back of the disc looks like you took a jackhammer to it. I think your racing days are over, bud. Scratches like that are irreparable. 

On Monday and Thursday we visiting White Water Bay, a local water park that they have season passes for. There I got to immerse myself in questionable water, probably infested with toddler pee, for 4 hours. Summer doesn't get much better than that. For that reason, I spent some quality time on a deck chair while they roamed the slides (always staying in my view) and refused their pleas to get in the wave pool with them for the zillionth time. I'm telling you, my nanny skills were not up to par this week. A rainy Thursday put somewhat of a damper on our water park plans but I had no other creative options for them so we went anyways. "But it's raining, " Sister protested. I shot back, "Good thing we are at a water park then. You won't even notice getting wet." I don't know where I left my heart, but it was certainly MIA at White Water Bay. 

The rest of the days were uneventfully filled with impromptu violin concerts (it's terrifying to be commanded to guess what song they are playing--there's too many wrong notes to distinguish "Happy Birthday" from "Mary Had a Little Lamb") and Turkish Rosetta stone. Not lying. I caught up on my twitter feed while they conjugated Turkish verbs. 

One more thing to rant about until next week. Soccer slides. Those horrible flimsy excuse for shoes. A smidge of material wraps around the top of the foot to meet the rubber sole. As a result, the wearer shuffles along, often losing the shoe in the process of walking. Especially 8 and 10 year olds. Before I cracked down on the wearing of these satanic shoes they wore them all the time. The shuffling drove me nuts. And when they would trip (every 5 minutes like clockwork) they would flail about and grip whichever limb of mine happened to be closest. I put an end to the shoe saga about a week and a half into employment. Now, before we leave the house to go anywhere, I order them to "put real shoes on!" "But these are real shoes!" No, they're not. Learn to walk or learn to live with full coverage shoes, kids. 

I found out that I get another entire week off in July! Which means I've only got 3.5 weeks left of being a A Very Lucky nannying Girl. 


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