Genius Giving

I love holidays that involve presents. Not because of what I could potentially receive but because of what I can give! I love love LOVE to give people presents. It honestly makes me really happy. You could say it's an unselfish trait...but I love the feeling I get when I surprise someone with something that makes them smile. I crave that high. So, in that sense, I give selfishly. 

That being said, I most love to give gifts with meaning. I hate Oakes' birthday because he has zero emotions and only wants cash. That's not fun to present. I try to make the card personal, but I'm fairly certain that my words go unread every year. But I thrive on holidays like Christmas and the birthdays of my friends, because they appreciate the thought I put into what I give them. For Christmas last year I gave Megan and my grandparents a memory jar. I compiled 52 specific memories that I have with them, wrote them on little scrolls of paper, tied with a ribbon, and spilled them all into a mason jar. They have a memory to pull out for every week of the year until next Christmas. I had the greatest time reflecting on my relationship with each of them as I wracked my brain for words. 52 memories is a lot. 

Tyler turns 22 on the 18th. I just finished putting together his present today and I am embarrassingly excited about it. The worst part will be waiting to give it to him. I want him to have it NOW. Everyone is convinced he will love it. I'm crossing my fingers... the moment of truth is coming soon.

It's really hard for A Very Lucky Girl to keep her mouth shut.


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