Anger Management

The last time I was legitimately angry?

A week and a half ago. I was playing Phase 10 with Tyler and the family. We sat around the dining room table, alternately glaring at anyone who tried to sneak a peak at our cards and skipping whoever was in the lead. Typically Oakes or Tyler. It was phase 9. I was trying desperately to obtain a set of 5 and a set of 2. I was one card away and the next turn was slowly circling the table. Megan had put down her phase and was merely waiting to go out. Shari lamented that she wasn't picking up anything that she needed. Megan helpfully piped up, "What card do you need? Maybe I have it!" Shari stared in disbelief, but wasn't above getting illegal help, as she responded, "6 or 8?" Megan casually tossed down an 8, much to my dismay. Shari eagerly picked it up and proceeded to get rid of all of her cards in the next 4 seconds. I slammed my cards down on the table and expressed my rage as calmly as possible. Paul, Oakes, and Tyler were upset too, of course, but I think I might get too competitive in games like that. It took a long time for me to cool off. 

But I eventually did because I've learned something through the years of conflict with several different kinds of people. 
"I was angry with my friend, I told my wrath, my wrath did end. I was angry with my foe, I told it not, my wrath did grow"-Anonymous
I have control over my anger. I have control over how I let it affect my life and my relationships. And frankly? I'd rather expend my energy differently than having to maintain rage.  A Very Lucky Girl has the choice to hold a grudge against someone; she'd rather hold a hand. 


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