Moriah is 20.

So basically, my bestfriend is a model
I miss you eating poptarts every morning
Moriah is twenty, y'all! Can't believe it. I remember celebrating our Sweet 16 together. And somehow she has made it 4 more years and I am SO glad. I am honored to be her friend, and I hope to be so blessed to get to see her this summer (fingers crossed that August works out for me to visit). She's been there for me, a non judgemental figure, through all of my failures. I can tell her anything and she will listen and give me advice, leaving the better-than-you attitude out of it. I can only hope to be half as good of a person as Moriah Jo is. God has beamed on her for twenty years and I know He will continue to do so for many more. She deserves it. Being her friend is so easy, it just comes naturally. I love you so much MJC! Wish I could see you for your birthday, but I'll just creepily stare at a picture of you to make up for it. One more year til you can legally drink those mimosas the doctor talked to you about while you were under the influence of intense medicine last summer. If 20 isn't all it's cracked up to be, don't tell me. I'd rather be in denial for 12 more days, thank you very much. 
ily to Beaumont and back (and we KNOW how far that is),
Taybor Diana
(And I'm really sorry, but the pictures had a mind of their own. We fought for a long time about placement. Technology won.)

remember that time you modeled at Dillard's but I couldn't because my face had recently made out with a softball?
I had the hottest prom date
remember when we were 16?
still an all-time favorite picture #timing

You were Katniss before it was cool #hipster
PS-Your present will be in the mail soon. I can't wait to influence your literary tastes by picking out a book for you! How do you feel about Amelia Bedelia? Or would you need more pictures? Inquiring sassy minds need to know. 


  1. Ohhhh my Jonas you are shoooooooooo shweet!!! I love and miss you shoooo muchhhh :) I'm so proud that you mustered up the courage to put the softball picture up there lol. And I LOVE the Katniss caption!! Haha Amelia Bedelia would be just fine :) (I don't appreciate the sassyness...i can read ya know!!)


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