Spring Semester's Back, ALRIGHT.

Successfully completed the first week of the 2013 spring semester--HOLLA ATCHUR GURL. 15 weeks to go. It's like I'm counting down a pregnancy, except you know, not at all. 2013 is turning out to be a bit more challenging than I originally bargained for. My life seems to be spinning out of control; but I recently realized that I completely control my academic success. So, long story short, my classes aren't going to know what hit them when I'm done in May.

Mondays, Wednesdays, and Friday I kick off the morning with a nice dose of Introduction to Logic at 9:30 AM. This is the class that I had to take the math placement exam in order to get permission to solve word problems at the University of Oklahoma. Professor Dan Cheon seems nice enough. He doesn't bother with an attendance policy and all of his quizzes are announced and clearly assigned on the syllabus. The downside is that logic is still in the math family, just heavier on the words side. I saw "proofs" on the syllabus and instantly started some deep-breathing exercises.

From Adams Hall I trek to the igloo that doubles as Dale Hall Tower (not to be confused with Dale Hall ahemTylercough). Madame Takano has the privilege of teaching intermediate French to students that were poorly taught by TA's in the previous two semesters. Another depressing component of this class is that my dear friend, Laura (also known as Karen), has left the "cool corner" (comprised of Natasha, Tyler, and myself) to further her education in environmental engineering. RIP smartypants.
A short jaunt to Dale Hall brings me to my job as a student assistant for Strategies for Success, a class required for those that received below a 2.0 last semester. On Wednesdays the mass of students in the lecture hall dwindles to a mere 20 that I get the pleasure of guiding.
Next, a dash to Gittinger Hall to slip into my seat in Introduction to Literary and Cultural Studies. Dr. Dan Cottom is quite a contrast to my English professor last semester. From suits and tea (no, seriously, Dr. Anderson would kick back with an actual teapot on exam days) to a man that looks like he just came in from fishing at the Duck Pond. He included "awkward laughter, uneasy looks" on the syllabus for the first day and had me in stitches when he said, "If your name is Nicole Polizzi but you go by Snooki I basically don't want you to be in my universe" before he took roll. This is my first 3000 level English course and I'm SO excited to be surrounded by other book nerds.

On Tuesdays and Thursdays I get the luxury of sleeping in if I so choose. British Literature from 1700 to the Present begins precisely at noon. Dr. Lee is the first woman English professor I've had at OU. I can't wait to be taught by my own gender. Her syllabus looks daunting, we have short papers due nearly every single class period. 

Sociology of Family is my first class I've ever had in the Physical Science Center. From the outside the building looks like a blender, but the inside is a definite prison. The desks come up to my chest so I see some uncomfortable note-taking in my future. 
It may be my hardest semester to date, but A Very Lucky Girl is planning on powering through. 

***The title should be sung--if that helps it click ;)


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