Lesson Learned

A strange number texted me on Friday, December 21. Coincidentally the same day that the Mayan calendar ended. But obviously we are still here because the Jonas Brothers promised that we make it to the Year 3000. My great great granddaughter is doing fine, in case you wanted to know. 

I knew it was a Tulsa area code so I wracked my brain for all the people I knew from Tulsa, texted my friends to check and see if they had the contact number, and questioned the source, all to no avail.  
The culprit, calling himself Peaches, turned out to be a complete stranger. The brother of a boy named Micah, a ChickFilA cashier that I apparently gave my number to...summer of 2010. Micah left my number on a napkin on his desk for 2.5 years. Public Service Announcement: If a girl gives you her digits on a napkin, either use the number or throw it away. Do NOT keep said napkin for 2.5 years and have your sibling text her.  
I. was. so. creeped. out. Let it be known that I do not even remember giving my number out to Micah, although that was during my exceptionally sick phase in my life. A Very Lucky Girl cautions you about giving your number to strangers....you could have some strange results. 


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