My Guilty Pleasure

The Biggest Loser is one of my top five favorite TV shows of all time. I started watching it a few years ago with Sharbear and I've been hooked ever since. So it remains on my Hulu queue week after week. And I watch it religiously--usually with a snack like popcorn or cookie dough to keep irony alive and well. 

This season has already been emotion-inducing and I love 3 main things about my Hulu dates with these overweight individuals:

  1. The trainers: Jillian Michaels especially. I've missed her. And her other image makes me want to get my ass in gear like a shirtless Queen of the Gym. On my bucket list: a last chance workout with Jillian. 
  2. The kids: This season has a special focus on childhood obseity and three children are in the spotlight. They aren't participating in weigh-ins and are doing most of the work from home, but they have such uncanny wisdom and heart-wrenching stories. I have a special affinity for Sunny, the girl who would like nothing more than a date to her senior prom but realizes that she has to recognize her own physical beauty and be confident in herself before she can expect someone else to find her attractive.
  3. Alison Sweeney: I judge her wardrobe every single week. I hope she has a stylist that she can put the blame on...because sometimes I'm just left shaking my head at the atroctities she models next to the scale. 
It's still early on in the show for me to have developed any favorites but I'm eagerly anticipating makeover week; there are some GORGEOUS girls doing work on the treadmills. So, my question is, does avidly watching The Biggest Loser make A Very Lucky Girl the biggest loser?


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