On the last Sunday of 2012, Life Church recruited a guest speaker to come and speak to our heathen souls about leadership.


Right? Leadership isn't exactly a cookie cutter, Sunday School, bible-beating topic. But excellent leadership is scarce, so it actually makes perfect sense to instill leadership wisdom into Christians. Because, NEWSFLASH, believing in Jesus doesn't automatically make you someone worth following (even on Twitter). You need common, worldly sense, coupled with spiritual maturity, to effectively influence people. 

The guest speaker also refreshed my memory on the ACTS acronym (a useful guideline when you are lost about how to pray). But during said speaker's heartfelt advice about prayer, my mind started to wander. The ACTS acronym is honestly great for any tricky conversation.

A is for Adoration. Suck up. "You've been looking so great recently! Have you been working out? I love that color on you!"
C is for confession. Humble yourself. "I'm really sorry I couldn't make it to your party, I know I really missed out!"
T is for Thanksgiving. Suck up again. "Thanks so much for asking about that totally obscure event in my life! Thanks for being my friend!"
And finally, S. The reason for the rhyme. Supplication. Hit 'em with your point. "So, can you cover my shift on Friday night?"

May lightning strike A Very Lucky Girl if this post was sacrilegious in any way. 


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