Out with the Old and Embarrassing

My Mimi helped me with the overwhelming task of cleaning out my room over Christmas break. Everything is better with a friend. Especially one that reminds you that you really don't NEED that high school cross country sweatshirt. I kept the St. David's one and goodwilled the Heritage Hall option. #compromise. 

Other treasures unearthed in my boudoir:
  • 3 pairs of tiny skinny jeans. Like size zero itty-bitty. Like they fit me when I was 98 pounds. I hung onto them previously because I was dreaming of fitting into them again. It's not going to happen. Goodbye skinny love.
  • An abundance of china figurines that hadn't been taken out of the box since the move from Texas to Oklahoma. That was almost 4 years ago. 
  • Various cross country and track memorabilia, plus my letterman jacket from Legacy Christian Academy in Beaumont. I shoved it to the back of the closet; that will never again grace my shoulders.
  • Dry-erase markers from playing school all those years ago in an overly warm North Carolina attic. 
  • An American Girl doll company puzzle. I stashed it in the corner of the running memories box for the Chinese baby that I may or may not adopt in the future. Or for Oakes' daughter. Or for me on a rainy day. 
  • A High School Musical blanket with the distorted faces of Troy and Gabriella that lights up on one corner. Also the High School Musical: Senior Year soundtrack. I was (am?) an unashamed groupie. 
  • A badly wrinkled Pirates of the Caribbean poster. I stuffed it into the trash bag before Johnny Depp's smouldering eyes could make me rethink my hasty decision. 
  • A baby tiny teddy bear that I no doubt chewed/threw up on when I was younger. That sanitary hazard still resides on my bottom shelf with the other stuffed friends that I cannot part with. Like the cuddly rat I got 4 years ago from Moriah.
  • 2 cowboy hats and 1 helmet from the thoughtful Stevens family that has stickers, no doubt lovingly placed, saying "I <3 to fall." 
  • A wooden giraffe from an ex-boyfriend. #byeeee
  • A collection of bookmarks. And yet somehow I can never find a bookmark when I have a book that needs to be marked. I am the coolest nerd that I know. 
Luckily, I waded through the junk before I received a nomination for Hoarders. A Very Lucky Girl is feeling extra feng-shui. 


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