Sore Loser

My competitiveness brings an interesting dynamic to relationships. Especially the one I have with Tyler.
I've recently been paying more attention to my dictionary word-of-the-day notifications and tweeting a sentence a day using the new syllable(s). Today's word was "hamartia", a noun meaning "tragic flaw". It's hard to narrow it down when you have lots, but my tweet today read:
"I have countless imperfections, but one glaring #hamartia is my extreme competitiveness when it matters least. #wordoftheday"-@AVeryLuckyGirl 
 It all started a few weeks ago with a trip to OKC to see my family one Sunday. I challenged Tyler to a game of Battleship. He was convinced that he could probably beat me. False. From the bonus room emitted a symphony of "hit"'s from Tyler and "miss"'s from me, followed by a few muffled choice words as Tyler realized he was losing to the Battleship Queen. I sank all of his ships with only minor setbacks. 

Now we play Phase 10 at least once a week and keep track of every game in a notebook. He has won every single Phase 10 game that we have played alone, but I won the Hunger Games board game twice in a row. And I still have that Battleship victory to my name. 

I get a little bit pouty when I start to lose Phase 10. I think it's because it's painful to watch your own gradual demise. But somehow Tyler still enjoys playing with me. Maybe it has something to do with his endless victory streak? 

Losing Phase 10 makes me more angry than watching OU lose football games. I think it's because I have some control over Phase 10, and I disappoint myself. Losing football games isn't a favorite Saturday past time, but I always know that there is nothing that I, personally, could have done differently to change the outcome. 

The "victory" record could prove to be detrimental to our relationship...but A Very Lucky Girl manages to make the most out of a losing situation. 


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