Taking a Shot

"You miss 100% of the shots you don't take."-Someone Really Smart
I honestly don't remember who said the above, but it resonated in my head all day last Monday while I mulled over a possibility.
It was a possibility that I was hesitant to share with anybody, because what if it didn't pan out? But I realized that the people in my life are here to share in the joys and the disappointments. 
So here goes *virtual deep breath*, I sent in a piece to the Glamour essay contest. 
Please ignore the blurry: I was struggling for breath on a 15.0 incline and 4.0 speed during my treadmill workout. I thought, what could it hurt? And took my hands off the heart rate tracker for a split second to snap a photo of a possible future. 
I debated with myself all afternoon, but finally forced myself to submit a very revised version of my Addison's Disease essay that evening.
I'm a realist; I don't expect anything to come out of my meager offering to the written word world. But A Very Lucky Girl took a chance, and that's a change. 


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