Notifications Are Ruining My Life

I don't know about you, but I'm starting to regret the hold that sites like Facebook have on my life, despite how much I admire the purpose behind Mark Zuckerberg's idea and the other social media that have latched on, like Instagram and Twitter. 

Paul sent me this link via email yesterday, the coincidence is seriously astounding as I had already written this post

Personally, I think social media's designated purpose is to make it easy to share your life with those that live farther away. You have the prerogative to share written updates and pictures about what is important to you, whether it be a cherished person, a prized car, an unbelievable experience, or a beloved pet. But lately Facebook seems to have taken a more twisted turn, as most of my interactions involve my friends that I see more regularly. 

I don't foresee any drastic action occurring soon, I still use Facebook for the more useful purposes of sharing this blog, connecting with my Gateway class, and researching student football tickets to purchase and sell, but I certainly am going to limit my future Facebook activities. Already, A Very Lucky Girl has one less app on her phone.


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