Shaving the Beard

Not mine, rude. 
The Oklahoma City Thunder are losing the hirsute beast, James Harden, to the Houston Rockets.
Several other players were negotiated in this trade, but they weren't key components of the USA Olympic team so I'm not as devastated about their loss. 
The news broke on Saturday evening, as the Sooners were beaten down by a series of unfortunate plays, bad calls, and the Notre Dame Fighting Irish. Needless to say, it was not a great night for Oklahoma sports. 
As I learned more about the trade, I grew progressively disappointed in the decision Harden made. ESPN reported that, "The Thunder offered Harden $55.5 million over four years -- $4.5 million less than the max deal Harden coveted and will get from the Rockets." Harden abandoned his team and his OKC family for 4.5 million dollars. Obviously, I've never been in Harden's position. So I don't fully know his pros and cons list, but neither do I understand the observed greed in this trade. Also, Rockets? In the playoffs? Ever? It looks to me like Harden shot down his own opportunities by rejecting a "poorer" future with the Thunder. 

As all of my Harden apparel (translation: the majority of my Thunder t-shirts...) became obsolete on Saturday night, I toyed with the idea of texting James and giving him a piece of the majority's mind. Because I may have garnered his actual number 2 years ago...

I have some self-control though (just not when it comes to popcorn. Or sour patch kids) and merely passively-aggressively tweeted my feelings about the tragedy. 

A Very Lucky Girl is thankful for Kevin Durant and his consistency. I'd definitely go on a second date with him. (Not that I've been on a first one or anything...just that I'd let the rest of the team wine and dine me for a first date at Mickey Mantle's, but only Kev would get a callback.)


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