SHHH My Solo is Comin' Up

One particular detail of the human memory fascinates me. The ability to commit hundreds of songs to memory, so much so that one can recall all 3 verses, the chorus, and the bridge of a track after hearing only a few musical notes.

Tyler was mesmerized in awe (or maybe something akin to car wreck curiosity in standstill traffic?) as I nailed most of the words to Wiz Khalifa's "No Sleep" during a drive to OKC. It's unfortunate that my knowledge of every Taylor Swift song will not be able to help me with my next HES test. The endocrine system just doesn't have a catchy tune to commit various hormones to memory.

Where's Miley Cyrus when you need her? Oh yeah, trying on wigs to cover up that monstrosity of a haircut.

I'm going to have to get back to y'all; "Cruise" by Florida Georgia Line just appeared on iTunes shuffle and all of A Very Lucky Girl's focus is on belting out every single word since roommate is go---BABY YOU A SONG YOU MAKE ME WANNA ROLL MY WINDOWS DOWN AND CRUUUUISE...


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