I Could Wear the Pants

You could say I'm a little bit passionate about gender equality. In fact, people have labeled me a feminist in some respects in the past. So Sharbear wasn't surprised when I leaned over, harshly whispering in angst over the wording of a particular Life Church bullet point during the final installment of the series, "Strapped."

Is that image big enough for ya? I went with extra-large photo sizing to encompass my extra large problem with this phrase. To be fair, the finale of the financial sermons was a Q&A wherein Craig Groeschel and money guru Dave Ramsey addressed concerns that had been sent in throughout the entire 5 week series. So I'm going to give Craig the benefit of the doubt here and assume that a masochistic jerk in the congregation sent in the loaded question. 

I don't have a problem with the concept behind the querie. However, the phrasing can be much improved upon. For example, "What is the best way to correct your SPOUSE IF they spend too much money?" would've left my feathers firmly in place instead of ruffled beyond control. The assumption that the wife in a marriage would be more likely to fall prey to overspending is a sexist thought process. I come from a family where my father is rather fond of online shopping. There is nothing wrong with his hobby, I know that we live well within our means, but he is the one that would more likely have to 'fess up if an unexpected credit card bill arrived. Spending money is a lure to a man OR a woman. Second, the "when" of the question is hopeless. Is it ludicrous to think that spouses recognize the limits of their finances? Is overspending something that cannot ever be avoided?

Craig addressed the fragile bomb with a disappointing answer, "very, very gently." A Very Lucky Girl is disappointed in the seemingly sexist view that Life Church appeared to take at the climax of what was a very informative series on financial health. 


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