Carly Rae Jepsen is my current musical obsession. It all started with "Call Me Maybe", which I covered here. And by covered, I mean wrote about. My talents don't include excellent singing. Miss Jepsen is a genius for releasing only a single for a few months, making fans clamor for more and guaranteeing at least a success in that one song.

"Call Me Maybe" launched Jepsen into stardom, and to a relatively high spot on my iTunes play count. 44 isn't too shabby. "Ours", by Taylor Swift, is hovering at second place on the list with 1,731 repetitions, but that's beside the point. When Carly Rae and Owl City collaborated, a "Good Time" was had by all (the duet eclipses "Call Me Maybe" with 259 plays). "Hands up if you're down to get down tonight" said the whitest people in pop music. But somehow it worked for them.

Jepsen released her full album, "Kiss", 2 weeks ago and I have yet to take it off repeat on my computer or my phone. 14 new musical numbers enchant my ears everyday on the way to class. I rarely even play favorites with the skip button because each song has a catchy line to offer.
  1. Sweetie
    • "Anytime of day, boy, I'll be your distraction"
  2. Tiny Little Bows
    • "I wish we could be holding hands"
    • Tyler is nice enough to let me listen to Carly Rae in his car and when this line played he exclaimed, "well, why didn't you say so?!"
  3. This Kiss
    • "This kiss is something I can't resist, your lips are undeniable"
    • The song needs a new title, I'm afraid Faith Hill has the monopoly on a "This Kiss" hit.
  4. Turn Me Up
    • "You kiss me on the phone and I don't think it reaches"
    • I can't help but think that this is a rebuttal to Soulja Boy's infamous "Kiss Me Thru the Phone." Please hang up and try again, Mr. Boy. 
  5. Tonight I'm Getting Over You
    • "don't you share your smile with anyone else but me"
  6. Guitar String/Wedding Ring
    • "When you're near, I feel the best"
  7. Drive
    • "I don't care about my lipstick, I just wanna drive you to love"
  8. Wrong Feels So Right
    • "This could be the one night I give in to this fight"
  9. More Than a Memory
    • "are we gonna be more than a memory?"
  10. Almost Said It
    • "Everytime you look at me I say it silently"
  11. Hurt So Good
    • "Imagine me, imagine you, inside a dream I built for two"
  12. Your Heart Is a Muscle
    • "Write your name into the sky, hope that it will light up your eyes"
    • Having this song on repeat while studying for the next HES test is bound to boost my grade. 
  13. Beautiful
    • "Nobody's perfect but you are to me"
    • Wish this wasn't a collaboration with JBeibs...Sounds like someone has One Direction envy. 
  14. Curiosity
    • "This is crazy, love, and you know I'm going to follow you home through the rain"
    • Carly Rae Jepsen-Creeper Extraordinaire. She's committed to this stalking thing and came prepared with rain gear. 
In my opinion, Carly Rae and Maroon 5 are tied for best album of 2012. But guess who has a new album coming out in mere weeks? Yes. The one, the only, Taylor Swift. Not only do we share a name, but we also share similar experiences for she has an uncanny ability of writing musical renditions of my life. With all this new music, A Very Lucky Girl's headphones are never mute. 


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