Bachelor Nation Update

Who else misses gazing at Chris Harrison on their TV screen every Monday night?

Sean Lowe is currently in the throes of filming his season of the Bachelor, surrounded by seemingly lovely ladies that I plan to detail in an upcoming post. 

For those of you that haven't yet celebrated the news: Bachelor Ben Flaskaflfsjnek and Courtney Robertson have officially called off any future knot tying activities. And Courtney was seen smooching Arie the race car driver from Emily Maynard's season mere days after the news broke of her and Ben's broken engagement.

Speaking of Maynard, Emily also terminated her plans to waltz down a flower-strewn aisle to her future groom, Jef Holm. Emily has now worn and taken off THREE different engagement rings in her lifetime. I feel for her ego, I mean Ben and Courtney at least lasted almost a year, but mostly, I hurt for her daughter Ricki. The 7-year-old has witnessed her mom's two broken engagements, and as much as Jef and Emily like to say that it was a respectful parting, I wouldn't be surprised to discover there is bountiful mess hiding from the tabloids. 

Lastly, ABC announced Ashley Hebert and J.P. Rosenbaum will embark upon wedded bliss in December in a TELEVISED ceremony. Their nuptials are going to be the royal wedding, America style. But hopefully not at 4 AM. A Very Lucky Girl only stays awake that late/early for Kate Middleton and Prince Hot Ginge. 


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